Maddalena Magliano is a Foundation member of La Nave dei Feaci (The Ship of the Phaeacians) a group dedicated to the pursuit of "Morpurghian" astrology founded by Lisa Morpurgo on February 2nd, 1997.

Maddalena was born in Milan where she lives and works.

She had the opportunity to get acquainted with astrology and to become immersed in the study of this ancient discipline at an early age, thanks to having proficiently studied foreign languages, first at the Swiss School in Milan and subsequently abroad.

In the early seventies, following a family vocation for Modern Art, she opened an Art Gallery of conceptual art and minor art called Studio Maddalena Carioni (her married name which she used until 1984).

She selected and launched young artists whose artistic and creative potential were already evident in their birth charts. Many of their works are included today in a number of prestigious collections and in museums of modern art.

A determining factor for Maddalena was her encounter with Lisa Morpurgo's theories of dialectic astrology also known as "Morpurghian astrology", a rational and logical approach similar to her way of thinking. Lisa Morpurgo's ingenious intuitions not only revolutionised traditional astrology but also Maddalena's life.

From the beginning of the seventies to 1998, the year of Lisa Morpurgo's death, Maddalena and Lisa studied and worked together sharing intellectual synergies and a close and sincere friendship.

From 1989 to 1996 she studied various aspects of psychology: behavioural, cognitive and psychoanalytical in addition to communication and relational psychology.

What she likes doing most is drawing up and deciphering individual birth charts.

Personal Horoscope: to find out one's aptitudes and potential in study, business and personal relations.
Horoscope of the couple: to find out their affinities in the event of marriage.
Partnership and business horoscope: used by professionals and headhunters as a decision-making support.
Children's horoscopes: o find out their potential and aptitudes, how to relate to them so that they are carefree and happy and to be able to choose with them the right studies and the most suitable sports.

In the photo above, left to right: Maddalena Magliano with Lisa Morpurgo; Maddalena Magliano with Dante Valente, president Cida; Maddalena Magliano with Rudy Stauder, director Astra magazine.
Below, left to right: "La Nave dei Feaci" Founder Members; Maddalena Magliano with "Chico".


TeleLiguria ('80-'85)
Rai2 Linea Blu weekly programme with Renzo Cortina ('82-'83)
Telemontecarlo, Rai2, Canale5 with Gianfranco Funari ('83-'94)
Rete4 singers' astrological forecasts on weekly music show conducted by Maurizio Semandi ('84-'86)
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MTV annual astrological forecasts on programme Loveline
Swiss-Italian TV annual astrological forecasts (2001-2005)
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L'Astrologo - Siad Edizioni ('80-82)
Arbiter L'Editrice ('80-'84)
Amica RCS Corriere della Sera ('82-'83)
Sposa Bella Editrice Moda It. ('82-'84)
Uomo Vogue Edizioni Conde' Nast S.p.A. ('83-'85 e 96-2005)
Moda Eri Edizioni RAI ('83-2000)
Sirio Giorgio Mondadori, Astrological Calendar ('84-'88)
Starter Editrice Universo, automotive magazine ('86-'90)
King Edizioni RAI ('88-2000)
Marina Rinaldi Character Arbe Editoriale ('91-2004)
Money Management Swiss financial magazine ('91-2003)
Club Degli Editori Giorgio Mondadori ('92-'96)
Village Editoriale Donna, 12 brief astrological monographs on different subjects ('96-'97)
Quattrozampe ELI Edizioni Living International (dal 2013)
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Vogue Italia astrology profiles
Akela since 1998 since 1998
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Book, Videos and Other Activities:
Armenia Editore in 1982, published a monograph on the Leo birth sign as part of a series of 12 signs of the zodiac edited by the sociologist-astrologer Serena Foglia (Maddalena Carioni Magliano)
Librex in 1981, she was involved in the editing of a volume on Medical Astrology which was included in an encyclopaedia on alternative medicine (Maddalena Carioni Magliano)
Videogram Italia in 1991, she published, with Lisa Morpurgo, 12 videotapes containing the astrological features of the 12 signs of the zodiac and their relative horoscopes
Best Tours from 1985 to 1991, astrological cruises on the river Nile